Zane Keleher

Piranha backs young speedway driver for Australian title campaign

Piranha Insurance Brokers are proudly sponsoring promising young Rockhampton speedway driver Zane Keleher, paying for new tyres for his 2020 Australian Championships campaign.

Keleher was automatically seeded into the 2020 Australian Championships at Kurri Kurri, after moving to Mildura and racing regularly in both state and local competitions.

He has one more race to go before the titles kick off on 4th January 2020. Keleher will race in the Phil Crump Invitational at Mildura on the 29th December.

Business owners Heather and Peter Peirano recently caught up with Zane before his next meet and paid the bill for new tyres.

“Zane Keleher is a great example and inspiration to young speedway riders in Rockhampton.  We are so proud to sponsor him and hope the new tyres we’ve bought him will help his campaign to make the podium at the Aussie Champs and the upcoming invitational,” Heather said.

Zane came 1st in the Handlebar Heroes Speedway Bike Spectacular held in Rockhampton in July and  2nd in the Victorian and South Australian State Titles. In the last Australian Championships (January 2019) he placed 14th and this year he will be looking to get onto the podium.

In November the young racing enthusiast competed in the inaugural FIM Oceania Speedway Championships and placed 9th in a field of nine Australians and seven internationals.

Zane had hoped for a better result but was knocked out early, making him hungry for success in the Australian Championships in January.

“Living in Mildura has been the best thing I’ve done this year and the results are showing,” Zane said.

“I can’t wait to start the Aussies and show southerners the back of me.”

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holiday warning

Intruder Proof It

We all love a surprise at Christmas time and the excitement of imagining what’s under the tree. What we don’t want is the surprise and upset of storms and other nasty happenings at this time of year. There are a few simple things you can do to limit the potential of a spoiled Christmas at your place. Having the correct cover and insurance for the right price is a crucial element to your financial well-being.


Whether you own or rent your home (or multiple homes), you will want insurance to protect you against accidental damage, potential losses such as fire, theft or flood.


If you own a home, you may need additional coverage to compensate for increased replacement costs since you purchased. We always advise to take into consideration CPI (Consumer Price Index).


If you have renovated your home this should be a consideration in your sum insured.


A few ways to cut your homeowners or landlord insurance costs and reduce risks is to:


Intruder proof it

Remove all those burglar-friendly aids lying about around your yard and garden – a chair gives them a leg up, the ladder easy access to your highest windows. Put away those tools – the edge of a spade makes an effective jimmy.

Intruder protection basics like installing deadlocks and window locks on all external doors and windows were done at your place years ago, right? How about these tried and tested burglar deterrents:

  • Installation of motion sensor lighting – very cost effective.
  • Installation of a monitored alarm system – even better.
  • Consider the installation of a closed-circuit TV camera –gives a good chance of catching the perpetrators and getting your stuff back if you do get burgled, as does…
  • Security marking of valuables… and pho­tographs of them kept in a secure place.
  • Up-to-date valuations of valuables to determine insurance cover required.


Storm proof it

Christmas in our part of the world means the risk of damage delivered by storms is at its peak. Preparation is everything. Clean out the gutters, trim back your trees and ask your neighbour to do the same. Put away those potential flying object items sitting in your yard, on your deck or veranda.

Finally, if all your precautions come to nothing and you are hit by weather events or visits from unsavoury individuals, at least your home and contents insurance will put things right financially. If you’re not sure you have enough cover, contact your insurance broker account manager without delay.

be prepared for storms.

Cyclone and storm season has started – are you prepared?

Summer months bring hot weather and an increase in storm activity in Central Queensland, and while  severe thunderstorms are very localised events, not usually affecting wide areas as tropical cyclones and floods do, so their devastating impact is often underestimated.

Thunderstorms can occur anywhere and do so more frequently than any other major natural hazard. Each year severe thunderstorms are responsible, on average, for more damage (as measured by insurance costs) than tropical cyclones, earthquakes, bushfires and floods.

However, while insurance is always going to be your best risk management strategy for severe weather events,  a little bit of preparation can also go a long way to reducing the amount of damage to your property and business.

Below you’ll find some tips from Vero for staying storm prepared.

Preparing for storm season

Weather events can happen at any time of the year, but most natural catastrophes occur between October and April.

We encourage you to follow the tips below to keep your home, car, business and loved ones safe.

  • Keep valuables, medications, important documents and spare clothing in plastic bags with your emergency kit
  • Remove fire hazards from the property and secure outdoor furniture and loose items
  • Rake bark, leaves, twigs and trim trees and overhanging branches
  • Remove all debris from around your property
  • Ensure your roof and windows are in good condition
  • Make sure to back up all business computer files
  • Use a camera to document the condition of your business and stock. This will help you make a claim in the event of a loss. Update these records at least once a year
  • Use a safe-deposit box or a safe to store your insurance policies and photographic documentation
  • Check the condition of the roof and repair loose tiles, eaves and roof screws
  • Clean gutters and downpipes so water can drain quickly
  • Identify how to turn off mains for water, power and gas
  • Store all poisons above ground in case of flash flooding
  • Make sure your property has clear access for emergency services
  • Keep your vehicle well-maintained including wipers, lights and spare tyre
  • Keep your vehicle’s fuel tank full if there is a weather warning current to your district
  • Be aware of the process if you need to make a claim

Making a claim after a natural disaster

Contact your broker to lodge your claim.

Information you may be asked for

  • Policy number
  •  Full name and contact details (as per policy)
  • ABN if you are registered for GST
  • BSB and Account details to enable fast settlement of your claim (where applicable)
  • Detailed description of the loss or damage
  •  Location of the loss or damage

Tell us anything else that may assist us in helping you

Specific to motor claims:

  • Make, model and registration of the vehicle
  • Driver’s name and date of birth

Event claim process

1. Lodge

  •  Lodge claim with your broker
  • Your broker will advise initial steps and requirements
  • Confirm damage
  • Arrange make-safe repairs
  • Issue emergency payment
  • Arrange temporary accommodation if needed

2. Assess

  • Make an assessment (if needed)
  • Get quotes for repair/replacement

3. End

  • Repairs or replacement complete
  • Cash settlements issued
  • Claim closed

Tips to progress the claim

  • Contact your broker who will be able to assist you and advise what information we may require
  • Read your PDS so you are familiar with your policy. Are you covered for fire, storm damage or for loss of business income resulting from these events?
  • Provide proof of ownership or loss documents as soon as possible (photos, owner’s manual and item packaging or bank statements)
  • Where possible, provide photos of the damage
  • If you’re providing a builders report or quote, make sure it specifies the cause of damage
  • Remove wet contents from inside and keep the premises ventilated to avoid mould
  • List items you’ve thrown away with clear descriptions and supporting photos. Include the brand, make and model number of electrical items
  • Remove all damaged carpet and take photographs of damage in each room. Keep a metre squared sample or photograph the back where the make and brand is stamped so we can attempt to replace with similar carpet
  • Dispose of contaminated food as soon as possible keeping a list and/or photos of what perished
  • Keep receipts for emergency repairs (car lights, wiper blades, glass windows


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Cyclone Season is here; are you prepared? 

Tropical Cyclone Debbie Update

Ongoing hot conditions increasing fire risk for the region – tips to be prepared

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has extended its total fire ban for much of Central Queensland and has issued a statement about heightened fire conditions for the weekend.

Are you prepared?

The local fire ban will remain in place until 2359 hrs on Friday, 20 December for residents in the Central Highlands, Isaac, Mackay, Whitsunday, Woorabinda, Banana, Gladstone, Livingstone and Rockhampton Local Government Areas.

“Heightened fire conditions are perfect for bushfires to ignite and spread quickly,” A QFES statement read.

“Under a local fire ban all open fires are prohibited and all permits to light fire which have been issued in the designated areas have been cancelled.

“Power tools may be used during a local fire ban however QFES encourages people to use these with extreme care and ensure adequate equipment is available to extinguish any fire which may start.

“This may include having a person available to watch out for any ignitions that occur.”


1. A Fire extinguisher

2. Smoke detectors in every room

3. A fire blanket

4. A quick and easy way out (ie. don’t accidentally lock yourself in with key locked windows and doors)

5. Download the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services “Get Ready Guide” and  prepare your home and evacuation plan

6. Purchase good quality insurance sourced via an insurance broker and make sure your home and contents cover value is up to date.

Piranha Chambers open for business – Professional office spaces for rent or hire

Piranha Insurance has opened up its premises to provide casual and permanent office space for small businesses in Rockhampton.

The new, high-quality co-working business space is located at the rear of the Piranha Insurance offices and can be hired casually or on a permanent basis.

Piranha Chambers also includes boardroom and conference facilities and is centrally located at 168A Denison St, Rockhampton, Qld 4700.

The complex has 24-hour access, 7 days a week, off-street parking and flexible, competitive rates.

For more information email, phone 49278400 or  DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE