Conditional registration with motor vehicles

Once a vehicle has been conditionally registered it should be treated in the same way as any other registered vehicle and should be duly insured under a Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy.

It’s a legal requirement that all vehicles that require any access to gazetted roads and public places, such as car parks, must now have conditional registration, even though this may not have been the case previously.

There are many types of vehicles that may now be required to obtain conditional registration, including but not limited to, golf buggies, forklifts, bobcats, motorcycles, motorised mobility scooters, motorised wheelchairs and mowers.

Should any of these vehicles leave private property and gain access to roads or public places they are now affected.

Whilst Conditional Registration provides coverage for Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance for Personal Injury Claims it doesn’t include Comprehensive Insurance to the vehicle and subsequent property damage. There are also other insurance policies such as “Broadform Public and Products Liability Insurance” that may have specific exclusions within their coverage. A standard exclusion may state “Property damage caused by any vehicle which is registered or which is required to be registered”.
Any claims costs in respect of property damage may be denied should these vehicles be not correctly registered. For further information regarding vehicle

For further information regarding vehicle registration please refer to the Queensland Government website or contact us to discuss the potential exposures and arrange the required insurance coverage.